Make a Reservation

Please contact us by telephone for information, availability and to make a reservation. See reservation deposit & cancellation policy below.

    To Make a Reservation please call 705-286-4922

    Reservation Deposit

    Please note A deposit is required to hold a reservation. We accept Visa, Mastercard or e-transfer.

    Cancellation Policy

    If Paying By Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD)

    A “Value Certificate” for a portion of the deposit is available if cancellation is received a minimum of two weeks before arrival date AND the vacancy is filled. A “Value Certificate”, should there be one, will be made (whenever possible) within the week following the date of the cancelled reservation.

    Last minute cancellations or reservation changes: Guests who make last minute cancellations or reservation changes will be responsible for and must still pay the whole original reservation rate. A “Value Certificate” to be used another time will be made only if the room (the guest vacated) can be rented at the last minute. A “Value Certificate” is a certificate valued for portion of the Deposit or Full Reservation Rate which can be used before the date of expiry by that guest only (it is not transferable). The value of the Certificate may be put towards accommodation only.

    If Paying by E-TRANSFER

    100 percent of the rate is paid at the time of reservation is being made. Your Host will ask for a credit card to be placed on file and the               e-Transfer should be received within an hour (or discussed time) of making the reservation to secure the reservation process. Please be advised that no reservation is secure without receipt of the e-Transfer.

    Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to 12:01 am of the reservation date.  If a cancellation is requested prior to 48 hours the guest is eligable to receive a refund.  $50 per night will be held back if the Suite/Room is not rebooked. $25per night  will be held back if the Suite/Room is rebooked. Within a week following the Reservation departure date the Guest refund will be made by e-Transfer. Last minute cancellations not meeting the 48 hour rule guests will forfeit their full deposit.