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Reservations and Policies FAQ

How do I make a reservation?

Guests are asked to call the Bed and Breakfast and make the reservation with the Sunny Rock B&B Host. A deposit is required to make the reservation. Payment may be with Visa, MasterCard or e-Transfer.

What Is the cancellation policy?

A deposit is required to hold a reservation:

If Paying By Creditcard (VISA or MASTERCARD)

A “Value Certificate” for a portion of the deposit is available if cancellation is received a minimum of two weeks before arrival date AND the vacancy is filled. A “Value Certificate”, should there be one, will be made (whenever possible) within the week following the date of the cancelled reservation.

Last minute cancellations or reservation changes: Guests who make last minute cancellations or reservation changes will be responsible for and must still pay the whole original reservation rate. A “Value Certificate” to be used another time will be made only if the room (the guest vacated) can be rented at the last minute. A “Value Certificate” is a certificate valued for portion of the Deposit or Full Reservation Rate which can be used before the date of expiry by that guest only (it is not transferable). The value of the Certificate may be put towards accommodation only.

If Paying by E-TRANSFER

100 percent of the rate is paid at the time of reseration is being made. Your Host will ask for a credit card to be placed on file and the e-Transfer should be received within an hour (or discussed time) of making the reservation to secure the reservation process. Please be advised that no reservation is secure without receipt of the e-Transfer.

Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to 12:01 am of the reservation date.  If a cancellation is requested prior to 48 hours the guest is elligable to receive a refund.  $50 per night will be held back if the Suite/Room is not rebooked. $25per night  will be held back if the Suite/Room is rebooked. With in a week following the Reservation departure date the Guest refund will be made by e-Transfer. Last minute cancellations not meeting the 48 hour rule guests will forfeit their full deposit.

What's the difference between a suite and a room?

A suite is a bedroom with a full en suite bathroom. A room is a bedroom with either a toilet and sink in the bedroom and a shared shower or the full bathroom is a step outside the room in the hallway.

What is a light beverage package?

The kitchenette in the lodge sunroom has complementary beverages available to guests 24/7

How many people can you accommodate?

Sunny Rock B&B has 8 suites/rooms with a total of 9 beds. Single occupancy for 9 adults. Double occupancy for 15 adults.

Who is an alumni?

A Sunny Rock B&B Alumni is a returning Guest who have stayed overnight a minimum of 1 night. An alumni is eligible for Alumni rates noted on the room/suite description.

How many rooms/suites do you have?

Sunny Rock B&B has 4 large suites all with a comfortable sitting area, a fireplace, full ensuite bathroom and a queen or king bed in the bedroom. The rooms are smaller bedrooms with a double bed, two piece or shared washroom.

Is there a TV in the room?

A TV and VCR for watching movies only can be made upon your arrival. Loans are made on a first come first serve basis and for short periods of time allowing others to make the requests also. Guests are welcome to use the TV in the Lodge living room for watching sporting, the programs or movies. Your host is there to assist you. The Studio has a Satellite TV and VCR as part of the Suite rental.

General Sunny Rock Info FAQ

Who are the rooms named after?

These are an endeared collection of people in Sally and Jan’s life who believed in the Sunny Rock dream and over the years have offered their expertise, knowledge and a large “Sweat Equity” to what Sunny Rock is today. We honour these friends and family and call them our Founders. Back in 1995 the founders were invited to name a room/suite. Each room so named has been decorated with that founder(s) in mind.

Do you take Children?

Sunny Rock B&B is not suitable for children. As an Adult B&B we are the location for adults who desire the peace and quiet of a bed and breakfast at the end of a country road. The Suites are luxurious and perfect for that romantic getaway…without the kids.

Do you allow dogs?

The only space that is sometimes suitable for a dog is The Pine Studio. From May 1st to October 31 st it is not convenient for dogs to visit. The water and swimming is too much of a temptation and we do not allow wet dogs in our buildings. Please call Sally to discuss the suitability of a K9 visitor. The reservation fee for a dog is a minimum of $50. Must call to discuss the dog reservation.

Do you do weddings?

We do offer space for the intimate small wedding. Should you be looking for that cottage feel wedding the Sunny Rock B&B can be rented for a minimum of 2 days on which can be planned BBQs, campfires, regattas, quiet social gatherings. To discuss suitability of our property for your wedding please call the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast host (705 286 4922) and your questions can be quickly answered. Non negotiable and most importantly we do not allow alcohol to be sold on the property and a noise curfew of 11 pm is expected.

What does "wifi detox" mean?

So many folks today take their computer, tablets and smart phones with them everywhere they go…even on holiday. Sunny Rock B&B is the perfect place to get away from using your electronics. We invite you to the challenge and to have quality time with your partner or a good book.

Where do I smoke?

You are welcome to smoke anywhere on the large deck, under your personal room/suite window, that there is a sand filled ceramic flower pot. Please be considerate of others in close vicinity who may object to your smoking. We do ask guests to not smoke off the bedroom balcony suites. Should you be on the grounds or at the Scott’s dam please pocket your butts and be careful of ash flicks. Sunny Rock B&B is a historical log building and we are always concerned about fire and sparks.

Is Sunny Rock B&B air conditioned?

No. There is a breeze from the water that circulates throughout the house when window and doors are open. All rooms have circulating floor fans. Suites with high cathedral ceilings have ceiling fans.

What's for breakfast?

Your hosts ask you a couple of questions regarding food allergies and likes and dislikes when you arrive. Based of your answers we create a hot egg-based Canadian breakfast.

Where do we eat dinner?

Restaurants in Haliburton, Minden and Carnarvon villages are 10-20 minute away. Your Sunny Rock B&B Host would be delighted to match your food wishes with restaurant recommendations and will call for reservations if they are required.

Around Sunny Rock FAQ

What is there is do on your property?

The Sunny Rock B&B has bikes and helmets, canoes, kayaks and a paddle boat for guest use.

Can we use your waterfront equipment?

All guests using The Sunny Rock B&B water equipment must be prepared to wear a personal flotation device while on or around the water. All guests will be required to sign a waiver before equipment use.

What do I need to know about swimming?

Guests enjoy swimming in Canning Lake. On the top side of the Scott’s Dam is a place to swim against a current. Your host will give you a brief explanation on the safety of swimming in a current. Your foot safety is important to us . We require wet shoes to be worn swimming in this area as it is also used for fishing. We have a supply of wet shoes on hand to loan.

How close are the hiking trails?

The nearest woodsy and wetland hiking trail is Snowdon Park (5 Kim of trails) and is a kilometer away from Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast.

What nature will I see on the river?

Depending on the season. guests go home with many stories of what they have seen on the river. Some examples: Harriet the blue heron swoops past the balcony of the Walterwindsong Riverview Suite where two people are sitting enjoying their morning coffee. How cool is that? The otter boys (5-6 otters inhabit the river and its banks during winter) come out of hiding from under our dock to eat.  They play hockey with their food on the river ice. We swear it’s like they are playing hockey batting around the fish until it goes down a hole in the ice. All go down the hole to retrieve it and then come up the hole to resume the game. Mr & Mrs Oscar Osprey teach their young to hunt and capture fish. Ask Sally the difference between the work and the holiday beaver. Justin beaver occupies the dock cottage in the summer. Not a day goes by without witnessing the river life!

What happens if I'm afraid of dogs?

Our Cody is a small rescue K9 Terrier/Beagle mix dog. Because of his early Formative history Cody will bark and be assertive upon guest arrival. Fear not.  We invite the guests to walk right in, ignore his antics and he will mellow and turn to mush.  Cody is a gentle dog. Cody will not be anywhere there are people eating. He may come over and lean on your leg or sit on your feet so you will pat his head. So many of our guests who arrive nervous of dogs head home feeling more comfortable.

Who are the founders?

Sally and Jan in 1995 had a number of friends and family who encouraged the creation of the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast, assisted with the renovation of the property and all who have a large “sweat equity”. Pictures on the hallway stairs represent the founders.

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